Humanistic Integrative Counselling

An approach to counselling that enables me to draw upon a range of therapeutic techniques in order to tailor my approach to meet your individual needs


Having received counselling as an adult and also having worked with adults in my role as their counsellor, I have experienced the capacity which counselling has to facilitate positive change in our lives at any point.


Unfortunately I do not currently have any vacancies to offer couples counselling at this time. This page will be updated as soon as vacancies become available.

Young People

I feel strongly that the problems we encounter early on in life, if unaddressed, can impact greatly upon us throughout our lives.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins
with one step” Buddha

Reaching out for help can be the vital first step on the journey towards relief, inner peace and well being. I am here to provide my professional support on your journey.

Here’s how I can help

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Young People

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DMW Counselling

My name is Daran Mehmet-Wise, I am a qualified male therapist based in Brentwood, Essex offering one to one counselling for adults and young people aged 13 and over.

I believe that we are all individuals and there is no one size fits all approach to counselling that will he suitable for everyone.

About us

to expect

Having had my own personal therapy at a time where I was struggling in life prior to becoming a counsellor myself, I appreciate how difficult it can be to make that first step of reaching out to a counsellor for help. I want to make that as easy and comfortable an experience for you as I can.

Free phone consultation

a chance to briefly discuss your reasons for considering counselling

Assessment session

opportunity to talk in greater detail about yourself and for you to decide if you would like to proceed with counselling

Weekly sessions

At a regular day and time mutually agreed upon by us both, dedicated solely to you

A Calm environment

For you to explore your thoughts and feelings in an setting and at a pace that feels right to you


Your personal information protected in accordance with strict professional standards

Commitment to you

You will have my undivided attention and professional care to help you

A word from our happy clients

"Daran has been the main counsellor at my school for almost 2 years and has been very successful engaging pupils and in helping them with a number of complex issues. He comes highly recommended by the pupils who have availed of his sessions"

Mrs K Mumford, Wescliff High School for Boys

"Daran is a very knowledgeable and warm hearted therapist. He brings a range of skills to his practice and has worked in a variety of settings with presentations ranging from everyday wellbeing issues, to high risk safeguarding concerns. He is an excellent role model for the adolescent male students he works with at WHSB whilst also highly competent with adults presenting with a range of mental health issues. Daran has shown that he is confident in his own integrative approach whilst remaining open to new ideas and perspectives.
I am pleased to recommend Daran as a safe and highly competent practitioner."

Lucinda Lidstone MA, Supervisor, Trainer & ASC Clinic Director

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