My name is Daran Mehmet-Wise, I am a qualified Male therapist based in Brentwood, Essex, offering counselling support to adults and young people aged 13 and over.

Life can be difficult and we can all experience times where we struggle. We can feel sadness at events in our past or present, fear about things that may or may not happen in our futures or feel restricted by self doubt or negative beliefs about ourselves.

It can be really difficult to deal with tough times on our own but we may not know who or where to turn to for help. We may not feel as though we can share absolutely everything with those closest to us who hold our best interests at heart. Sometimes the busy nature of life can also make it difficult to find the right time to have such difficult conversations about our struggles.

Therapy sessions provide you with a time and space dedicated solely to you. A place to discuss, reflect upon and process difficult experiences and emotions which are impacting upon your well being. As a qualified therapist I aim to create and environment of calm where you can feel relaxed and able to discuss things in a space where you feel truly listened to, respected and understood.

My aim will be to help you feel empowered through therapy, to develop a greater sense of self acceptance, ability to cope with challenges in your life and help you on a path towards realising your own potential for happiness and fulfillment