Having had my own personal therapy earlier in life, I appreciate how difficult it can be to take that first step of reaching out to a counsellor for help. I want to make that as easy and comfortable an experience for you as I can.

I offer an initial 10 minute telephone conversation free of charge where we can speak about the reasons you are considering seeking the support of a counsellor.

Following our conversation, we can then arrange an initial face to face, 50 minute session allowing us to meet and where you are able to tell me about yourself in greater detail. We can discuss the ways in which therapy could help you and ultimately this session gives you a feel for whether you feel that therapy is for you and that you feel comfortable working with me as your therapist. If you do then at the end of this session we fan arrange a regular day/time to meet each week for our sessions.

Throughout therapy I provide a private and confidential space where you are free to talk about your inner thoughts and feelings in a calm and relaxed space where you can feel listened to, supported and free from judgment.

Admitting our struggles and asking for help is a sign of strength. It really is ok not to feel ok and if you are struggling then I would encourage you to reach out for support